Holter, Infusor, Mediscope II,

  • Holter


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    Highest quality, most diagnostic Holter recorder available in India
    Advanced miniature portable CF flash card used as recording medium.
    Auto event button
    Environment friendly- 2 AA 1.2 V alkaline battery can support 24 hour’s recording.
    Holter lead wire confirms to international standard with a long life time.
    Can be connected to WINDOWS 95/98/2000/XP systems

  • Infusor


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    Compatible with most of the common brands of syringes available in India.
    Capable of Using 10ml, 20ml & 50ml Syringe.
    Multiple alarms available like Low Battery, No Syringe, Near END, Occlusion, END, K.V.O., etc.
    Just one-click action to increase or decrease infusion rate.
    Bolus function available.
    User friendly design- can be mounted on a stand.
    Can change the settings entirely without removing the syringe.
    Customizable- can be manufactured with compatibility to a given brand of syringe.

  • Mediscope II

    Mediscope II

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    A dual trace Cardiac Monitor with cascaded display.
    All 12 lead selection by 5 Lead Cable.
    Bright Seven Segment Heart rate Display, visible from Distance.
    High & Low Alarm Limit Setting.
    A extra-large non Fade CRT Display with a longer life.
    Can be Connected to a Central Monitoring System.