Pulse Oxymeter

  • Pulse Oxyscope

    Pulse Oxyscope

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    All 12 Lead Selection ECG with Five Lead Cable.
    Bright Seven Segment Display
    Continuous Display of Oxygen Saturation & Pulse Rate with ECG and Plethysmograph
    Individual Alarm Setting for SpO2 and Pulse Rate
    Optional battery Backup

  • Oxypulse I

    Oxypulse I

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    A portable, lightweight Pulse Oxymeter made with Datex Ohmeda Collaboration.
    Bright Seven Segment Display for SpO2 and Pulse Rate
    Individual Alarm Settings for Higher & Lower Limits of Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate.
    Comes with a durable probe of 13 Ft. length.
    Bar Graph presentation to display Pulse Strength
    Works on main & Inbuilt Rechargeable Batteries

  • Oxypulse II

    Oxypulse II

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    Toggle between ECG Waveform and Plethysmograph on a bright, easy-to-read display.
    Alarm Limit Setting for all the available parameters. (Individual Alarm Settings for SpO2 and ECG)
    Continuous Display of Oxygen Saturation & Pulse Rate
    Simultaneous output for ECG & SpO2 to connect to Central Monitor
    Bright LCD Screen with Contrast Control
    Works on mains & Inbuilt Rechargeable Batteries